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Discover the Secrets in Metal Shaping, Secrets that most people have never known.

  • Do you have a dream to make your own panels to restore your car?
  • Or build your own car body but didn’t know where to begin to learn how?
  • Do you have trouble getting the right shape on a panel you were making?
  • Now you came to the right place where your dreams can come true.

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Learn from the master who already knows.
Why discover everything by your self when you can make a short cut and learn from somebody that has over 20 years of educating people in metal shaping and over 40 years experience of metal shaping.

  • How would you feel if somebody told you that you can be taught Metal Shaping so you can take a flat piece of sheet metal and create or make anything you want?
  • Do you have friends over the years that have said to you that you can't do it?
  • You know it's possible, but for the moment you don't have the knowledge or skills to take you there.

Learn the secrets in metal shaping from a master in his field Lars Jansson with the nick name Lazze (pronounced Lassie) who made this metal shaping education easy to understand in his Hands On classes and in his Instruction manual books and a series of DVD videos.

This is a 32 Roadster that was handfabricated by Lazze. The car is only 4' long and the frame, the body and the grill/shell is made in LAZZE's equipment, Beadroller, English wheel and the shrink/stretcher.  The full size Roadster in the back is a step 2 class project.
Use your Imagination and some sheet metal and some good metalshaping equipment and it can be made.

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